The Big Event – Flushing, NY 11/9/13

They call it The Big Event. This year it should have been called The BIGGEST Event. It was absolutely UNREAL the sheer number of people that attended this event. I expected a nice turnout, but this was unreal the number of people that came out.

DJ had to work, so I was meeting my friend Won at his place before heading to Big Event. I made excellent time to his place and then we headed to Big Event. NYC traffic was bad, so we got held up and arrived about 20mins late. The new location was chosen to help resolve the parking issues from the previous location that many complained about. Once we got there we discovered there was PLENTY of parking available. Sadly the people doing the parking couldnt park worth a damn. Double and some times triple parked. Crazy!

We headed inside, but it took a few minutes for us to even get into the damn lobby. Once inside, we saw 2 lines. One was for the Hogan VIP room and one was for the GA to get into the con. Over 20 mins and we finally got through. We walked in and headed into the first room with the first target in Devon. DJ asked me to get his 8×10 signed. I went up to his table and saw his menu price. It stated $20 for an autographed 8×10 of theirs and the last option was $10 for each additional auto. When I tried to get my 8×10 signed, the promoter told me it was $15. I explained his menu said $10. He wouldnt allow it. Said thats if I buy the $20 deal first. :angry14: I gave up and didnt buy it. DJ wanted to pay no more than $10 and this promoter wouldnt honor his own prices. Not off to a good start. We moved to the next room, the center room, where we found Foley, Jericho, DDP, Jackass People, Hennan and more. I saw Meng, but didnt see Barbarian, whom I needed. Also saw Sid, one of the top 2 needs for this con and he had no line. I headed over and got Sid in both the WWE E and my WCW US Title. Leaving 4 names needed on that belt, one of which was Scott Hall who was also there. Got a picture with Sid and moved on.

The lines for Foley and Jericho were unreal, so I decided to come back to them. We moved to the next room to where the Wolfpac was. Since Scott Hall was my 2nd top need, we got into line. This was a complete and total clusterfuck. I think Lucky 13 did the best they could with managing the line, but all the circular rooms and how small they were compared to the number of fans attending just provided for a confusing and dysfunctional enviroment. It took 1 hour and 18 mins of line standing. With Rich and Mrs. Lucas behind me, we chit chatted to kill the time. Mrs. Lucas was great, as she was laying the Smackdown on all the people who were cutting people off and just being a nuisance. Over 4 people who were behind us somehow got in front of us. Thats how dysfunctional it was. :dislike: Finally got up to Hall and got my US Title signed and the rest of my stuff. Was very happy to get both these names, leaving me 3 remaining names now for the belt…Kensuske Sasaki, David Flair and Mongo. Hall was cool. Good to see him doing so much better. I hope it keeps up. I needed Bruno and Nash as well, but was so frustrated by the craziness and how it was nearing 1pm at this point, we needed to move on. I couldnt believe the con had an hour left with Hogan, Jericho, Foley, Barbarian and Reby Sky I still needed to get. How was this gonna work? Won hit the long Jericho line and I went to get Foley. Was informed Foley was moving to the Hogan room for his VIP session. Brian said I could go with him there and I could get my stuff done. I got there, but Foley wanted to tell his stories first. So I left my stuff with Brian and went back to the center room. When I arrived back, the line for Jericho hadnt moved….literally. Found out Jericho wasnt even there and took a break or something.

At this point I found Barbarian finally and quickly headed over to get my Halloween Havoc poster signed. Since Won was holding down the fort for Jericho, I went over to Matt Hardy and Reby Sky. Got a picture with Reby and had her sign my The Hardy Show DVD cover. I wished I had more time to chat with them, but had to keep moving. The Jericho line started to move and we waited it out. I got to Jericho and he was nice. Its always 50/50 with him. I told him how I thought it was BS about what HHH said and Jericho snickered and said its WWE. No doubt. One thing you can appreciate from Jericho is he aint afraid to call people on their shit.

An announcement was made that Hogan was headed to the main room to continue signing, eventhough it was past 2pm. I headed back to Foley and found him starting to sign now, finishing his VIP. Got through it pretty fast. He signed my Halloween Havoc poster, which he told me about the Cobra and Jake The Snake. I commented on how crazy it was that they used a cobra and then it escaped Jake’s hands and started to head into the crowd. Mick said the snake had been de-venomised. But it bit Jake and Jake was gushing blood at the end of the PPV. Mick said yeah but at least it wouldnt have killed anyone. :thinking: WTF?! LMAO!!

Back to the center room where Lanza and Won were holding down the fort for me for the Hogan line. Had A LOT of Hogan items, so I was lucky that both Won and Lanza were willing to help me out. Paint markers switches and even Sharpie switches were gonna cause all kinds of chaos. But with 2 good friends, it helped make things A LOT easier. Hogan was very cool and Hogan’s team was nice enough to also help moving items like an assembly line. I got my picture with Hogan and told Hogan I hope to see him at WM 30. He said he hopes to see me there.
It was nearing 3pm at this point, so it was very classy of Hogan to stay and keep signing. Unfortunately, vendors like the Jackass people had already left. So I missed out on several names. There just wasnt enough time to get to everyone. I heard there were many people who missed the Wolfpac b/c of how crazy the lines were. :smh:

The bottom line is The Big Event was BIG. The lineup could only be compared to Wrestlecon last year for how stacked this lineup was. Incredible! At the same time, I hope the Big Event NEVER returns to this hippo. It wasnt in the best of neighborhoods and the rooms used were WAY too small. All of them were circular and that only made things worse causing A LOT of confusion and A LOT of dysfuction. I think the staff, vendors and even the wrestlers all attempted to make the best of a bad situation. I think everyone could tell how upset the fans were over the hippo and tried to make the best of it. A lot of credit goes to them for that.

We headed out and into the parking lot where we Lanza, Won and I sat around and shoot the shit about the con, wrestling, etc. It was a good time and I truly enjoyed the company.
The Big Event kicked my ass…BIG TIME. Lots of stress, but A LOT more autographs and photographs and some big names that came off the checklist. I am very thankful for Sports Fans and Lucky 13 for bringing guests like Foley, Jericho, Hogan, Sid and Scott Hall….names I had major needs for. Also very thankful to both Won and Lanza for helping me out with my mess, especially my Hogan stuff. Thanks guys! It would be a long drive home, but I had these memories to keep me company.


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